Greenland Air Trophy Grab-bags available!

Mar 24, 2021, 4:36:29 PM Public news

As part of the minimum equipment for the Greenland Air Trophy (or, indeed, anybody looking to fly to more remote areas) we have some survival and rescue equipment listed.

We have ignored items that you probably already have, but have created a kit covering everything else. In a smart and heavy duty PVC coated canvas duffel bag (think North Face style), with the Greenland Air Trophy logo.


1 Drybag

1 Metal Mug

1 Pure Petroleum Jelly

1 Fire starter kit

2 Hex cooker with fuel

1 Orange tarp 2m x 3m

1 Rocket & Flares

1 Trauma/remote First Aid Kit

1 Mirror

2 Thermal Protective Aid bivi bags

2 Ski Goggles

1 Nautical whistle

1 Survival Guide

1 Emergency food rations

1 Thermos Flask

1 Bear spray (this will be supplied in Reykjavik for the European teams as it is prohibited in the UK).

1 GAT Go-bag with logo (PVC covered HD canvas)

1 Hand generator

The price is 500EUR, delivered to either the Dunker course in Southampton (for those teams participating), Wick or Kuujjuaq.

Please get in touch, or order directly in the "Order" page.