Covid updates

Apr 6, 2021, 10:50:20 AM Public news

We're following the softening of rules closely, and as of today we forecast (though this can of course change):

Canada - currently possible with restrictions (confirmed by Kuujjuaq, Iqaluit and the Nunavut and Quebecois governments. However we hope these restrictions will soften as the vaccine roll-out continues.

Greenland - currently severely restricted, but with relaxation foreseen on 18 April, and possibly none (or very few) restrictions by 18 June or earlier (when both first and second vaccine rollout is complete).

Iceland - possible with light restrictions - forecast to be relatively easy by June.

Faeroes - currently severely restricted for stays but no problem for transit (our plan). We expect this to improve by June, but even the current situation is perfectly workable.

UK - currently restricted but possible, however the 'traffic light' scheme announced yesterday (for implementation mid/end May) makes it extremely likely that all our route countries, and home countries of teams, will be at least on the amber list (minor restrictions). We expect many/most to in fact be green - so without restriction.